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Conflicts of Interest

Alliance Trust Investments has set a Policy on the management of Conflicts of Interest, with the objective of ensuring that investors are not adversely affected. This document summarises our Conflicts of Interest Policy. The Policy applies to all employees. Third parties to whom key functions are delegated are also required to operate conflicts of interest controls which meet the regulatory requirements. Alliance Trust Investments has a Conflicts of Interest Register which notes the conflicts of interest that have been identified and the controls in place to manage those conflicts of interest.

The full Conflicts of Interest document can be viewed here

Best Execution and Order Handling Policy

This Policy explains how Alliance Trust Investments arranges for the execution of decisions made by its investment team to buy or sell investments for its clients ("orders"). ATI operates a centralised dealing desk which is responsible for the execution of all trades. The dealing desk is independent of our investment team and retains discretion on how orders are executed in accordance with this Policy.

The full Best Execution and Order Handling Policy document can be viewed here

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