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1969 - The first investment trust dividend reinvestment scheme

The Alliance Trust prides itself on innovative thinking and in 1969 pioneered the first investment trust dividend reinvestment scheme for the trust's existing shareholders. Our culture is one where independent thinkers can thrive.

1986 - Not just an investment trust - formation of Alliance Trust Savings

Alliance Trust Savings was formed in part to meet the challenges posed by radical changes in the UK savings industry and also as a cost efficient route for private investors into the trusts. Alliance Trust Savings has evolved to provide a range of products and currently has approximately 60,000 customers with £5.9bn in assets as at 31 December 2011.

1987 - One of the first investment trust PEPs

Alliance Trust Savings developed one of the first investment trust PEPs ahead of the launch date. Because our PEP offered the ability to invest other investment trusts and securities, Alliance Trust Savings was in essence one of the original fund supermarkets.

1997 - Avoidance of fads and fashions

We avoid being influenced or deflected by fads, fashions or short-term investment trends - the emphasis is on providing solid returns over the long-term. For example, we distanced ourselves from the frenzy and limited exposure to Asia before the 1997 crash. The culture is not centred on star managers but teamwork and in-house professional competence based upon robust economic and financial analysis.

1998 - A long-term store of increasing value

The Alliance Trust has always endeavoured to ensure a progressive dividend policy for shareholders. Taking the fifty years since 1948, dividends have increased by a multiple of 134 times and the net asset value of the ordinary stock by 142 times. Over the same period, retail prices have risen by 20 times.

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